Here is a health tip that won’t cost you a cent and requires no prescription. It’s called, “Learning the Art Of Doing Absolutely Nothing!”

I always marvel at how my husband can sit down in his favorite recliner and take a short break from life. He always invites me to join him but I can’t, knowing that there’s work piled up on my desk (our office is in our home), a pile of shirts that need ironing, or G-d forbid, a few dishes in the sink.(What if the Good Housekeeping staff shows up at my door?) After his break, he’s recharged his never ending battery and ready to tackle hours of physical labor.

Saturday,(on a rare afternoon off from work) he invited me on an outing. The only requirement was we would not talk about work, the house that’s still on the market, the children or anything else that leads to long winded discussions.

We drove all the back mountain roads and ended up by a babbling creek. Just the sound of it was soothing! I sat on a bench and closed my eyes basking in the sun. It felt delicious! Suddenly, I stood up…I had this sudden urge to climb down the hill, stick my feet in the rushing water and leap from rock to rock.
I looked at my husband and he reached for my hand and pulled me back down on the bench. He put his strong arm around my shoulder  and hugged me tightly. Being the psychic that I am, I picked up thoughts that he did not want this outing to include a trip to the emergency room!

He just wanted to share an hour of doing nothing.…on a simply beautiful spring day!

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