Why do some people command the room the moment they walk through the door? They appear to possess self confidence and a positive energy that naturally radiates to others. How do they acquire the skills that make them stand out from others?

My father, always known for his charismatic people skills, used to say that posture had everything to do with the impression a person made. His advice was, “Walk like you have a rope around your neck and it’s pulling you up. Stand tall and people will be drawn to you.” Body language sends out signals. Standing straight says, “I’m confident about who I am.”

It takes practice talking with people not at them. I have seen people give great seminars yet not be as effective on a one to one. Sometimes, a person is so intent on getting a point across, he or she barely hears a word any one else is saying. Being a good listener can reap great benefits. People like to have a feeling of connecting to the person they’re talking to.

Articulate, expressive speakers make a positive impression. People enjoy listening to someone who uses proper grammar, has a good command of the language they are speaking and speaks in a pleasant tone of voice. When I was a radio talk show host, I played each show back several times so that I could critique myself. Since it was radio, the tone of my voice and my words were the only way I had to make a positive impression.

With practice, every person can learn the skills to being a stand-out and making a memorable impression.

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