The other day, I heard a story that disturbed me. In her quest for eternal youth, a young lady in California started having botox treatments. Why does this concern me? She is in her early twenties!

First question…Who in their right mind would inject Botox into a young woman’s face? Are we living in such a greedy society that making a few bucks off another human being is more important than being honest? I am sure this young woman did not need this procedure….But did anyone care?

Who do we blame for this quest for eternal youth…The advertising world…celebrities? When did it not become ok to age?

The other day, I came across a website that listed the plastic surgery that has been performed on celebrities, politicians and other folks in the limelight. I wish I had never read that list because it made me sad. I feel badly that the 500 names on that list didn’t think we would still find them appealing if they aged in front of our eyes.

So getting back to this young woman who didn’t like what she saw in the mirror… How do we fix this so that it doesn’t become 1o year olds who are obsessing over their looks and thinking about Botox injections?

We can start at home as parents and grandparents by telling our children and grandchildren that they are a whole lot more than just an attractive face. We can set an example by learning to love ourselves in every stage of our lives and then passing that self confidence on to our offspring.

We can embrace aging as a natural and beautiful rite of passage.

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