We are missing the boat if we do not start teaching our children at a very young age how to manage money. We have an epidemic on our hands with young adults having debt ratio so high, it will take them years to recoup. Within days of reaching college age, our teens are enticed by credit card offers….. swipe the shiny little card and worry about paying for things later.

How about a high school math lesson having students figure out what that $400 electronic purchase will actually cost them at 12.9% interest when they are paying minimum payment each month…and see if they can figure out how long will it take to pay it off? Try putting that on a SAT test and see how many students know the answer.

Why don’t we revamp the entire high school curriculum and teach our children survival skills. Why do we assume that they are going to figure it all out ten years down the road when they are married, with a mortgage they can’t afford and a kid on the way. And while I’m on the subject….. Get rid of those idiotic television commercials showing young couples giddy with excitement clutching cash in their hands as they trade their car titles for a loan.

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