A 14 year old girl in Raleigh, North Carolina is suspended from school for having her nose pierced. Facial piercings are prohibited by the school system, with exceptions for religious beliefs. She is a bright student who belongs to a minority church (3500 members nationwide) which believes that tattoos and piercings show religious devotion. The teenager is allowed back in school once this fact is verified.

Jim R. Bounds, AP

I live in Asheville, North Carolina where being different is the norm, which probably explains why I find this case very silly.

Why not suspend teachers who over botox their faces or wear toupees or have breast implants? Or what about the ones who wear too much eye shadow or stink from tobacco or overwhelm their students with their cheap perfume?

What’s next? Are we going to ban pierced ears, tinted contact lenses and padded bras?

Why don’t we just concentrate on teaching… maybe starting with reading. writing and arithmetic.

And while we’re at it…Why don’t we bring back Hugs and Recess and Show and Tell.

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