Life is a delicate balancing act! And I’ve been falling down and feeling lots of pain all year long!

I tried very hard to accept the fact that my vision problems are permanent, a result of being  assaulted.  On one hand, I’m pissed off beyond words (excuse my language) and on the other hand, I’m happy that the crazy attendant didn’t take a knife and stab me to death.

This past year, I was totally off balance, allowing the “pissed off” side to weigh me down, almost to the point of no return. Everything that could go wrong in my life DID GO WRONG, all in the span of a year. It was if I was attracting bad karma because I was so

Am I still angry…You betcha! And I believe that I have every right to be BUT I also know it’s not going to a) make my eyes magically get better or b) make me any happier or healthier…if I continue down this path!

So, I’m going to let the “I’m glad I wasn’t stabbed to death” side of me take over and tip the balancing scale of life way over to the other side. I’m going to accept my vision challenges and learn to laugh as I trip down the aisles of stores when I’m blinded by the lights...(At least I’ll make little kids giggle)…I’m going to be silly as much as possible because when I’m silly, I write GREAT comedy and I’m going to face 2010 with a Que Sara Sara attitude.

Most importantly of all, I’m going to thank G-d, every day, for all my blessings!

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