Some people have been sharing on social media how they’ve eliminated toxic people from their lives. Much of this started during the presidential elections when one wrong comment got you a “’re gone.”

I question the use of the word toxic to describe human beings unless they’re offering you a poisonous apple and forcing you to take a bite out of it or doing something really horrible that is destroying your life. I think in some cases, use of this word is being thrown around too freely as an excuse to just cut someone out of your life.

Years ago, when there was no internet or social media, verbal communication was the norm. If someone was upset with you, they called you on a landline (  the only option) and you talked it out. Rarely did a disagreement lead to “I’m never talking to you again!” unless there were significant reasons to part ways.

Nowadays, you can discard a family member or friend and receive all the support you desire from mostly strangers online who resonate with your decision to remove that “toxic” person from your life. ( I wish I saw this same kind of support for creating a kinder more loving society.)

Earlier today, I watched a show where two sisters met for the first time. Both had been adopted at birth by different families and never knew the other existed.  One of the sisters went searching for her birth parents. Though sadly her parents were deceased, she discovered she had a full blooded sister. When they met for the first time, they couldn’t stop hugging. There was an instant bond. They promised to make up for lost time ( several decades) and love each other forever.

The episode got me thinking how so many relationships are taken for granted and what a disposable society we live in. I believe if we look at our relationships as something worth building… like a bridge, we might be more inclined to reach out and work harder to fix what’s wrong if a problem arises.

Learning to forgive and move on takes effort but it has positive results. One thing about love… You can never have too much of it in your life.



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