Writing comedy means looking at life with a huge sense of humor especially on days when absolutely nothing is going right. Of course, I could always… 1. Down my sorrows in a stiff drink (not an option because even a light beer makes me dizzy 2. Raid the refrigerator (also not an option because I can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe if I eat my way to a bigger size) 3. Call up my friends and whine in their ears (not going to happen because they’re at the local bar drinking martinis and filling up on high carbohydrate snacks (just kidding).

So my best choice is to sit down and write! Every day is filled with comedic situations if you look at life through funny colored glasses. The other day, I was doing some holiday shopping in the mall and went into a children’s clothing store. But first I had to walk by four miserable looking teenage employees lined up by the front door. One girl was chewing gum and blowing bubbles, second girl twirling her hair, third girl peeling apart her manicure and the one lone guy looking like he was suffering from severe dehydration, with his tongue hanging out.
Now, if I was in front of an audience imitating this motley crew , they would be laughing but since I’m writing this, you are going to have to use your imagination. “Thank-you corporate/chain store America for providing your customers with such an adorable (not) sight. Do you actually pay these kids a salary to stand by the door and ignore the customers? Happy holidays to you too!”
Ever watch a baby in a stroller while their mother is busy babbling away to the cashier? The baby becomes fixated on the next person in line. If you’re lucky enough to be that person, make funny faces at the baby and watch his or her eyes get bigger and bigger as you get sillier and sillier. Soon everyone in line gets into the act. (Again I wish you were in the audience to watch me do my imitation).

The point is…Life is too short not to find the humor in every day, even if it’s been one of those why did I get out of bed this morning days? So big deal if you get up and go out with two different colored socks on or realize that you’ve been walking around all day with your daughter’s Barbie underwear stuck to the back of your sweater (oops, forgot the fabric softener). Cheer up !! It could be MUCH worse. You could have forgotten to pay for your internet service and missed this column altogether!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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