For some crazy reason, I am fascinated by what people keep in their cars. I don’t peek in the windows or do anything too weird, but if I happen to pull up next to them in a parking lot, the view is right under my nose….practically!

After years of studying people’s car habits (do you think I could get some grant money for this) I have come to the conclusion that you cannot, I repeat CANNOT judge a person by the contents of their car.

I once worked with a woman who dressed like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. Her hair, make-up, nails were flawless. One day, I needed a ride home from work and she graciously offered. As I stepped into her car, I let out a scream. Three roaches scampered by! (This was Florida folks and they grow them BIG down there!) The car was filled with trash; every take-out meal she had partially eaten in the past month!

I think if anyone ever studied my car, they would surmise that this person is unbelievably organized and prepared for any emergency that could arise. A few years back, the hubby and I were driving back from a day trip and as we came back over the mountain, we got caught in blizzard like conditions. Not to worry! I practically whipped up a meal in the car as we crawled home. I had our overnight bag filled with clothes and toiletries and had brought enough blankets to make the back seat into a bed. I can’t forget to mention the flashlights, kleenex, paper towel, handi wipes , first aid kit and survival box that were neatly organized in a Rubbermaid box on the back seat.

Real life…Well that’s a different story! I’ve got a reputation around this house as a very creative, slightly disorganized, (would someone please tell my husband to stop laughing) writer/entrepreneur who hasn’t seen the bottom of her desk in years!

But since I never eat at my desk, I can guarantee that you will not find a single roach!

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