I always love spontaneous adventures. A few weeks ago, while dancing my way down the streets of downtown Asheville, I had the sudden urge to check out the Adorn Salon and Boutique.

Located in a beautiful old building with lots of character, I felt good vibes from the moment I walked through the door. A young stylist named Amanda McKenzie came right over and answered all my can you do this to my hair questions. Feeling very comfortable with her (and loving her smile), I made an appointment to return one afternoon the following week.

What a great decision!! Thanks to Amanda, I now have the beautiful highlights I’ve always wanted and the best part is…I made a wonderful new friend!

I learned a lot about this talented young lady in the hours we spent together. Amanda told me that she always loved working with her hands, doing art, cooking, playing the piano…anything creative. It was her Mother who suggested cosmetology. Amanda soon realized that she was really good at it!

Being able to do what I love and be creative in an amazing environment is more than I could ever ask for! I love working in an eclectic, funky salon that makes everyone feel comfortable from the minute they walk in the door.

On the day of my visit, I had the pleasure of chatting with Lee Stanford. She invited me to come back for one of many wonderful massages that she offers. I was impressed with her warm, caring demeanor.

Amanda shared her thoughts about the staff…..

I love how unpretentious and sincere the whole staff is. It makes it so easy and fun to come to work. Even the clientele we attract is awesome!

Amanda loves Asheville for its uniqueness and hopes to be able to continue to build her career here and take on any new challenges that come her way.

This community is something to treasure…Not everyone is as lucky as we are to call this place home.

I couldn’t agree more!

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