Some people talk about how they want to make a difference in the world. Others quietly go about their business educating others and touching lives. 

     The Authentic Me Campaign is proud to introduce Ray Mapp from Asheville, North Carolina.

What or who inspired you to create this project?

My experience in public education lead me to start this Black Miracles (Black People In Science and Invention) project because all references to African Americans in subjects like social studies and history too often focused on slavery and European domination without any mention of African American intellectual contributions and leaving me (at that time) with feelings of embarrassment as an African American as well as feelings of alienation as an American. That experience lead me to start this publishing company called Purpose Publishing, Inc. and publish only material that inspires people to improve self-esteem as well as improve overall race relations. 

Why do you feel that this project is so important?

I noticed that too many African American students (people) have low self esteem; they lack desire for academic participation and performance; they act out many elements of shame and self-hate, all due to their lack of knowledge of African Americans Intellectual history and the resulting notion that African Americans cannot learn certain mathematical or scientific subjects as well as other races, particularly white people. I noticed that racial bigotry against African Americans is re-enforced by this absence of curriculum in the public schools that presents African Americans as the intellectual contributors to the world that so many are.

What are your goals?

My long term goal includes being involved on an executive level with the production and publishing of a new united American History Book as well as a united World History Book that is included in the required curriculum for all public school systems in America. My immediate and overall goal is to improve the information available about many major contributors the world through science and invention in such a way that improves overall race relations. One aspect of improving race relations that is paramount with this project immediately is improving how African Americans feel about being African American … improving their attitude towards education, being responsible parents, and how serious they take growing into a productive and responsible adult in the world society. 

What kind of support do you need from the overall American Community to grow this project in its effectiveness? 

The support that is needed from the American community to grow this project is a growing number of individuals sharing and networking new information about scientists and inventors along with an element of celebration of these people who have contributed to our everyday safety and comfort … regardless of the race or gender of the contributor(s).

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