My favorite youngest child Paul Eric Drecksler, returned to Asheville recently with all his earthly possessions including his beloved cat, Bak Bak. The two of them moved into the old homestead, taking over a few of the rooms in the basement level. Since the house hasn’t sold yet, my husband and I agreed to the idea. For Bak Bak, moving into our spacious basement was like moving to paradise. Her last home was about a quarter of the size and she shared it with 3 grown men and all their belongings.

I’ve never had a cat (allergic to them) but it didn’t take long for Bak Bak and I to become great friends. Though I can’t pick her up and pet her, I’ve tried to give her lots of attention. That little face lights up every time I walk through the door. She meows happily and follows me wherever I go.

Ok…Now it’s confession time. I treat this cat as if she’s another grandchild, bearing gifts every time I come to visit. Yesterday, I showed up with a cat condo with all the bells and whistles. I’ve become a frequent visitor at the local pet shop. A salesman named Owen, who walks around with a cockatiel on his shoulder, does his best to answer my dozens of questions. It’s my first experience in a pet shop (except once to buy goldfish) and this shop is as big as a department store. I am fascinated with everything!

This is seriously like being a Grandmother for the second time. I worry about what Bak Bak eats, if she’s getting enough exercise, if she’s up on her immunizations etc.. I don’t know if Paul realized what he was in for when he showed up at my doorstep with an adorable furry little creature with gorgeous eyes and a winning smile.

On a positive note, just imagine what he can look forward to when he gets married one day and presents his favorite Mother with a “real” grandchild.

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