It took 23 years for me to get back on a bike but just like something else (blush blush), you never really forget how to do it! (Did Bubbi Debi just say that?)

When I started  my search for the perfect bike, I had one prerequisite. It had to be like the bike I had back in the 50’s. My husband laughed at this and said that it would be impossible to find that bike. He also reminded me how difficult it would be to ride a bike without at least 3 speeds up in the mountains. I didn’t care…I had my heart set on a certain kind of bike and I was determined to find it.

We started our search and I was growing discouraged. Nothing seemed right! Then we went to Walmart.There she was in all her glory… A pink Schwinn Cruiser! I felt her calling out to me….”Debi…Here I am, buy me…buy me!!” An employee around me age, stopped me from riding it up to the cashier. She said for liability reasons they couldn’t allow it. Then she gave me a smile and said, “That bike sure does bring back memories!”

Then it was off to a bike shop to find a helmet for an extra big head. (Have you seen my hair?) The salesman gave me a strange look when I politely asked if the one he suggested came in pink. A few professional bikers ( I could tell by their fancy bikes) started to laugh. I had to settle for a black one, which was better than the red one, (which I explained to the crowd I was attracting) would have clashed with my pink bike.

I’m on my 4th day of bike riding and I’m loving it! I pedal my way around the development where I live, waving at neighbors and proudly showing off my pink bike. I’m sure I saw an envious look or two!

I named my bicycle Blanche, in memory of my Mother, the Queen of bike riders on Miami Beach. My Mother never learned to drive, and had several bicycles including a folding bike (for hopping on a bus) and a bicycle built for two.

Blanche and I are quickly becoming the very best of friends! My Mother, Blanche Barnett Nevel, would be glad!

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