Sam Knight may be only eight years old, but he’s already an experienced entrepreneur, thanks to his parents, Jimmy, a marketing expert and Keller, a retail “guru” and lover of anything funny. The couple own a store called a sense of HUMOR, on Battery Park Ave in downtown Asheville. The store a dream come true for the talented couple, is filled with books, toys, cards, shirts and other humorous products that keep their customers laughing.

Sam, a third grader at Bell Elementary often drops by after school and on weekends to lend a helping hand and mingle with customers. “A good salesman shows his customer around,” he says, holding up a pillow, one of many that his creative mother designed. “If we have a big sale going on, I’ll tell the customers all about it. Some people come in for a great laugh and others just look around and leave.” Sam stops talking for a minute and looks at his Dad.”If I’m not in the best mood, I’ll give the customers to my parents.” He grins and adds, “My Father says that laughing takes care of your madness.”

I asked Sam what his future plans include and he says that he plans to work at the store while he’s in college unless a better offer comes along.

Now that’s talking like a real entrepreneur!

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