I have a confession…I am very technically challenged. I’m pretty sure in the 481 columns that I’ve written on this website, I have mentioned this once or twice.

I still have no idea how to use the timer on the oven in my  2 year “new” townhome, so I recently went to a store and bought myself a wind up one. It was either that or give up cooking and baking. Here’s the problem…I lost my sense of smell about 10 years ago (my husband says it’s a blessing) and I have a tendency to be a little scatterbrained. So, there were a few times (alright maybe a lot of times) that I put something in the oven and forgot about it. Buying that wind up timer was the best 3 dollars I ever spent.

I refuse to switch to one of those new fancy phones because they have too many options. I once tried to make a call to a restaurant on my husband’s phone and ended up redialing a bank and asking if they had takeout service. I panic when he’s on another line and signals me to answer his phone. “Slide your finger down” he whispers, (his face turning purple) as I pull up his emails, pictures, texts… everything but the call.

We have a home based office for our business. Every time something breaks down and can’t be fixed, I start getting nervous. I know that my husband is going to go to the office supply store and bring home new, more modern equipment with 200 pages of directions.

By the time I figure out how to work the darn thing….It will probably be outdated.

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