I have twenty first cousins on my Father’s side. Counting myself and my siblings, there are twenty five of us. I always thought it was a lot of fun being part of a big family.

Earlier today, I was talking to one of my first cousins and it brought back some great memories… some of them very humorous. As children, we used to have family gatherings, which until they passed away, always included our Bubbi (grandma) and Zaydee (grandpa).

I recall being in a park when I was about six and having my Bubbi insist that one of my male cousins (same age) give me a kiss. He looked at me and made a face and said, “Yuck, you’re a girl! I’m not kissing you!” Our Bubbi told him to be a good boy and kiss his cousin goodbye. He very unwillingly leaned over and planted one on my cheek. Years later, we both attended a mutual cousin’s wedding. I reminded my very laid back and barely talks cousin of that afternoon in the park all those years ago. My cousin looked at me for a long moment, put down his wine glass and said, (with a very straight face) ” Well…I wouldn’t turn you down now!”

  1910 postcard picture by artist Karl Feiertag.

1910 postcard picture by artist Karl Feiertag.

I remember when a group of the uncles, aunts and cousins all stayed in a motel together for a mini vacation. I stopped by to visit and watched as one of the younger cousins ran out of his room and streaked down the hallway laughing hysterically as he was chased by family members. He grew up to be very religious so I have to file that story under, Only Share On The Internet Where Millions Can Read It But Do Not Bring Up At Family Functions.

I really love my cousins and wish we weren’t scattered all over the country.

I miss that Nevelsky* connection.

Our original Russian name before it was shortened to Nevel.

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