When Bank of America raised her credit card interest rate from 13 percent to a whopping 30 percent, Ann Minch went viral.
“I could get a better rate from a loan shark,” she said online. So she gave them her terms – lower the rate or she won’t pay. “Stick that in your bailout pipe and smoke it,” Minch said.
~CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.


Ann Minch got upset with her credit card company and decided to instigate a debtor’s revolt. She made an Internet video that so far has gotten over a quarter of a million hits.

I am awarding Ann Minch my very first “Guy On The Street” Hero Award. Ann Minch had the courage to stand up to her credit card company and say “ENOUGH ALREADY!” She represented millions of Americans when she expressed her frustration with credit card company’s skyrocketing interest rates and unreasonable fees. Ann Minch epitomizes the guy on the street’s economic plight. I believe that she went public with her story to make a point…Americans deserve better!

Please read the happy ending to Ann Minch’s story.

The guy on the street can make a difference!

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