The woman put her plate down on the table in the darkened room and stared at the empty chairs. She thought she heard laughter but it was her mind playing tricks on her again. The only sound was the washing machine going through its cycles.

She closed her eyes….

“Sweet and sour meatballs…the best meal EVER” she heard the oldest say as the family scrambled to the table. Plates piled high with steaming hot noodles topped with meatballs and freshly baked sweet potato¬†biscuits.

The conversation flowed…Four children…So many stories!

The dessert, a chocolate chip pie, was applauded like the finale of a fabulous theatrical production.

Those happy faces filled her heart with joy. Outside, the world wasn’t quite as wonderful as what was going on at this big old table, a hand me down from her Mother…who like her, raised a large family.

She looked around the table and smiled. Her babies growing up…One by one they would leave the nest and go out into the world. But for now, they would enjoy the food that was prepared for them each night and share their lives with her.

She carefully unwrapped the leftover plate of food and put away the memories.

She didn’t want them to spoil……

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