Last week my husband and I drove to Miami, Florida for a family celebration. The trip down there was smooth sailing and then we entered what I call The Combat Zone For Drivers.I was born and raised in the Miami area and I have no recollection of drivers being so inconsiderate and nasty. Granted, I’ve been gone for 22 years and the city has populated faster than a speeding bullet…But there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for that type of rudeness on the roads.

We were honked at more in 3 days in Miami, than we’ve been honked at in the 22 years we’ve lived in Asheville. Drivers got annoyed because we refused to speed, move over when they literally sat on our bumper and for every other reason imaginable.

The thing that really bothered me was the lack of respect for out of state drivers. Is the economy so great down in Miami that common courtesy to tourists isn’t necessary? At one point it was obvious we were searching for an address and all we got was loud honking and mean glares.

And by the way Miami drivers….Last time I read my driver’s manual, I could have sworn it said … Use turn signals when changing lanes. I think I’ll call the Mayor of Miami-Dade County and gently remind him. We’re very polite in North Carolina so I’ll refrain from using the expletives that I heard from his overstressed constituents.

And as we say in our neck of the woodsY’all have a nice day!

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