It’s time for more consumer tips to help save you money!
One of the best ways to eliminate those costly stops for liquid refreshments is to carry a small cooler in your car filled with bottled water and other healthy thirst quenching drinks. Pick up a couple of icepacks for your cooler… and stick them in your freezer between outings.Keep track of how many times you reach for a drink when you are out and about…. and you can easily figure out what a cost saving measure this is.

Stop buying those one person packs of snack items. This is a huge profit making business…and it is being heavily advertised as a way to save you time. What the companies are not telling you is …Consumers are paying two to three times more than if you buy a box of sandwich sized baggies and bag individual portions yourself.

Check out generic/store brands.. Often they contain the exact same ingredients and are much less expensive. With prices skyrocketing, it is worth taking that extra time to compare brand to brand.

Do not shop when you are hungry. It is a proven fact that grocery shoppers spend more money and make more impulse purchases when their stomachs are growling.

As Benjamin Franklin said…A penny saved is a penny earned.

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