This morning, I went to make a call on my house phone and the phone was dead. I then called my house number from another phone only to hear a recording … this number is no longer in service and the new number is.... AT&T had (without my authorization) transfered my home phone number over to a new one that I had chosen to be in effect when I moved to my new townhome.Obviously, this morning, the new number led nowhere since I have not moved yet!

I was very aggravated because the young man that I had spoken with at AT&T several weeks earlier had been asked 3 times…Do you understand that I am selecting a new phone number and will notify you when we move and want it activated? And 3 times he answered I’ve got it right here in your records…Just call us when you’re ready. I repeated the information several times because in the background, I could hear a woman laughing and talking in a high pitched voice. At one point in the conversation, I asked the representative what was going on because he seemed distracted.It sounded like he was talking from somewhere other than a professional office.

Here’s where the situation got even more ridiculous. Obviously, since my phone was shut off, I had to call on another line. I called from my business line which is also part of AT&T. After waiting almost 20 minutes to get through to a real live person, she tells me I’m sorry, I can’t help you…You have called the business department. I attempt to explain to her that obviously I can’t call from my house phone since you shut it off! The representative says again that there is nothing that she can do for me and she transfers me to residential service where I once again sit and wait for 20 minutes.

The problem eventually got resolved but not until I wasted almost an hour of my day. Just another example of incompetency…..

*** The situation was almost as absurd as the time I called a computer company about my broken computer and the telephone recording tells me to e mail them the problem. Are they really that stupid??

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