My children mean the world to me. My dream would be for all of them to live nearby so that I could be a big part of their lives. But that is not reality…We live in a small mountain town and the jobs in many fields are either non-existent or the pay is so mediocre it forces the young people to move where the opportunities are. My rational side tells me that’s the smart thing for them to do…My emotional side (the more intense one) has a tough time dealing with the day that they pack the car and actually leave.

It’s happening again…And this time it’s the youngest child…my “baby” who is moving to the big city . He loves our town…. He is deeply devoted to the family but he needs to be in a different environment to further his career. It’s only a little over 4 hours away but to me, it might as well be at the other end of the earth. The truth…I will miss him terribly. Not only is he my “baby”…He is one of my best friends in the world.

After so many years…I’m becoming an old pro at this….On moving day…I will be there to give lots of hugs and kisses and to slip a cooler in the car filled with a 2 week supply of sandwiches for the 4 hour trip. And the last thing my son will see as he drives away is his Mother …waving nonstop…as he moves on to the next exciting chapter of his life!

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