I was stuck at 5:30 p.m. in a long check out line in a department store. The store only had one line open and  though asked politely several times by shoppers, management refused to open more. Children were very cranky and stomachs were grumbling. The store was set up with all the candy and cookies on a counter near the cash register… at eye level where all the shoppers would salivate while they were standing in line. Hands started reaching for the boxes of holiday goodies.

I couldn’t help myself. “Shoppers UNITE” I cried out. “Put back those cookies and candies that you are impulsively buying because we are being forced to stand in line while management chooses to ignore us. Express your outrage by NOT giving in to temptation and making more money for this store!” 

Shoppers looked at me and started to laugh and then one by one , they put the boxes and bags of cookies and candy back on the shelf. The tension was broken and a few struck up a conversation. 

A simple story with a message….There is POWER in numbers! 

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