News Flash!! Ask Bubbi, my advice column is up and running . Every Monday at , I will be answering questions sent in by readers of all ages and backgrounds.

A little history on the Ask Bubbi column. Years ago, I discovered I had a talent for solving people’s problems with a little humor and a dose of common sense advice. The older I got, the more I enjoyed doing this especially with young people. My advice was based on real life not anything learned in a textbook or researched online. I felt blessed to have this ability and I tried to use it wisely. I also developed a reputation as a matchmaker something that I attributed to my Jewish genes!

Combine that with the wisdom that comes with age (Jewish Grandmother) and the joy that comes from looking at life as a half-filled glass and the Ask Bubbi column came to life!

Adding the Yiddish is a tribute to my beloved parents, Joseph and Blanche Nevel, who translated stories from Yiddish to English for Nobel Prize Winner, I.B. Singer. Yiddish is a beautiful language that I want to do my share in keeping alive.

To all my readers…Enjoy!

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