Facebook is an amazing way to find long lost friends and family. Today was one of the happiest days of my life. I reconnected with a dear friend who I lost touch with years ago.

On a long shot, I sent a message on Facebook, to a boy who I thought might be her son. There were several young men with his same name but when I looked at his picture, I saw my friend in those beautiful eyes. I got very lucky but I truly believe there was some divine intervention involved here. First of all, my friend took the day off from work and her teenage son just happened to be sitting in the same room with her as my Facebook message came through. Normally he might ignore messages from strangers but since it was sent (as he told his Mom) “the proper way” he turned to her and said, “Do you know a Debi Nevel Drecksler? She’s trying to find you.”

“Send her my number,” my friend said and two minutes later we were on the telephone catching up on years and years of news. Some of our news spilled out with tears because life is not always a bed of roses… but there was no embarrassment because there is a connection between us that spans over 30 years and we love each other like sisters.

For me, it was as if someone had handed me a precious gift that had been lost in the shuffle of life. I treasure this gift and this time… will hold on to it forever!

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