How many times have you seen a newspaper ad or received a mailer advertising the deal of the century only to find out later that it was just bait to lure you into a store. With gas prices choking the average consumer this sales tactic tops the list for deceptive practices. Bottom line.. no-one wants to be lied to.

One of the oldest lines in the book is, “We just sold out of that specially marked merchandise.” Consumers have several options at this point. Walk out angry and frustrated or stay and make every effort to turn a negative situation into a positive one. If you choose to stay, do not waste your time venting to a salesperson. Ask for the owner or the manager of the business.

Let’s take a car dealership as an example. They advertise an incredible deal on a little convertible and nowhere in the ad does it state (read that small print) that inventory is limited or first 5 customers, etc. With the ad in your hand and a smile on your face let the person know that you will gladly wait while he/she calls the other dealerships to find you the car that the dealership advertised. If the person refuses to do this, suggest that the dealership give you a rain check or offer you that deal of a century on a comparable car.

It does not matter whether it’s a pair of shoes, electronic equipment or an expensive car. Consumers have the right to demand honesty and ethics from the businesses they choose to shop with. There is a tremendous amount of competition out there. If you do not get the results you want.. take your business elsewhere.

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