The other day I saw a job posting for a female radio host and I immediately responded. I quickly realized that this position was not what it appeared to be.

Anyone who has visited an online employment site has probably come across the To Good To Be True job that turned out to be exactly that. In this particular case, I believe the gentleman I spoke with got the message (about 30 seconds into our conversation)) that my radio host aspirations did not include lowering my professional standards to make a few extra dollars.

We’ll leave it at that because my intent is not to be judgemental but to let my readers know that it’s important to trust that inner voiceIt’s there for a reason. If an opportunity in life doesn’t seem right for probably isn’t and the best thing you can do is close that door and move on to another.

The good news is (trust me on this)…You will never regret what you walk away from.

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