The other night I attended a book review where one of the topics we discussed was nourishing the soul. The guest speaker, a lovely young lady, used a candle as an example of how the wick is useless without the wax…comparing the connection between our body and soul.

I immediately thought of my beloved Mother, whose body became totally disabled after a decade of battling Parkinson’s disease. This beautiful brilliant woman spent the last few years of her life curled up in the fetal position dependant on everyone else for her survival. Through the years, her visitors dwindled…..

I believe that my Mother’s soul was not nourished because her body failed her and she felt useless. People no longer valued her opinion or were mesmerized by her magnetic personality. I watched the flame extinguished in her eyes. On 2-14-86. I wrote in my journal..I love you so much …We exchange thoughts with our eyes…You are telling me the time has say our goodbyes.

Every day I think of my Mother and how much I miss her.Every day I pray that the world will learn compassion for the disabled…though their bodies may have failed them…they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

They deserve to have their souls nourished with our love.

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