I’ve had laryngitis since Monday afternoon and I’m getting frustrated. When I’m working in my office, I’m handling 3 different telephone lines. By some strange coincidence, all 3 phones rang off the hook all week long. It felt like a cruel joke was being played on me. I have one of those distinguishable voices so you can imagine how many times I heard…”Sorry, I must have the wrong number.” Some hung up before I could squeak out , “Wait..It’s Me…Debi D.

My husband milked this for all it was worth knowing that I couldn’t raise my voice or call him to do anything. What a great week he had!

What I missed the most was singing. I love to sing the songs I write and all the great music from the 60’s. Our new townhome has high ceilings and all wood floors downstairs so the acoustics are fantastic. I suspect it pleased my new neighbors that it was so silent all week.

As I write this, I am thinking that this is probably happening for a reason.. A sign that I need to sit quietly and work on things that have been tossed into the I’ll get to it one day pile? No..I’m sure that’s not it…I believe it’s a sign that I need to put my feet up, stare out the window and admire the incredible view.

And perhaps write a song or two… To sing later..of course!

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