Yesterday, we lost our electricity because of a traffic accident down the road. It’s amazing how life comes to a standstill when there is no power. On one of the hottest days of summer the a/c was off along with the computer, fax machine and all the other office equipment.

Having a home based office has its advantages but yesterday there were none. There were no quick trips downstairs to grab an ice cold drink or throw up a load of laundry. The house was dark and silent. I stayed upstairs and got back to work.

As my office grew hotter, I planned my great escape. I’d walk down to the clubhouse and jump into the pool. The water would be cool and inviting. I’m my own boss, so there would be no repercussions.

Then the guilt set in and I pulled out my hand held calculator and finished balancing the books. After that, I tackled the clutter on my desk, discovering things long forgotten.

Feeling accomplished, I called my husband at his job site, informing him we had no electricity but letting him know that I was being productive, regardless. Being the thoughtful man he is, he offered to take me out for dinner if the power stayed off all afternoon. He couldn’t see me smiling as I accepted his invitation. I was salivating at the thought of the Thai dinner that awaited me.

Of course, the power came back on…Just in time to cook dinner!

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