As a writer, my life is experienced multi dimensionally. I find stories without searching for them…They unfold in front of me.

The other day, I watched as a young man in a worn uniform scooped a little girl up in his arms. The child was focused on a young woman who was walking away. ” It’s ok, sweetie” the man said as he held the child close.”Now, Mommy is going to work and Daddy will be with you.” My eyes were fixed on the scene …The little girl wrapped her arms around her Daddy’s neck as if to comfort him.

Recently, I made reference to the guy on the street surviving the economic crisis better than the wealthy guy. I still believe that very strongly but I also believe that the crisis will produce a generation of young people who will make a tremendous difference…They will look for ways to make the world a better place…redefine their priorities and make it through the storm.

One day…one sacrifice …at a time.

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