Our first group rehearsal went really well. What an interesting group of people! I was so nervous and excited about performing my comedy…As I mentioned yesterday, it’s been at least 5 years since I last performed comedy in front of a large audience. I have a lot of new material and I hoped that it would be well received.

When I walked up onstage and started my routine, I think that first laugh was what made my night. Just looking at the faces of the other performers and knowing that they liked my comedy melted any insecurities I had about my performance. Once I loosened up, it actually became so much fun to be up on a stage again.

I have a busy day today but I’m looking forward to the second rehearsal in the evening. We have a song to learn which the whole cast is performing together at the beginning of the show. Hopefully, I’ll have it memorized in the next day or two.

More news about the show to follow…..

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