The gas shortage has become a huge problem in Western North Carolina. For some reason, we are getting shortchanged gasoline allocations. According to the news, it’s because we have so many independent stations here and they aren’t a priority. Go figure??

Unfortunately,, it’s bringing out the worst in some people. Tempers are flaring….especially when someone waits hours in lines …finally makes it to the front of the line only to watch the car in front of them get the last of the gas.

What makes it even tougher is…So many of us in the mountains live way out yonder and rely on our vehicles to get everywhere. Having been raised in Florida, I grew up with bus stops within blocks of wherever I lived and flat land which made it easy to get around on my bicycle.

Some people are trying to make the best of it by doing good deeds. One grocery chain sent some of their staff outside to sell coffee drinks to the people stuck in long gas lines. It put smiles on a few faces.

The good news is…On the evening news the traffic report was great…There was not one single accident in the area. See…Less traffic means fewer accidents. I just had to end this column on a positive note!

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