I don’t make a habit of writing about politics but something is really irking me. The other night, I was watching the Democratic Convention listening to Hilary Clinton’s speech and shaking my head at her new found love and admiration for Obama. It was an amazing speech…You would have thought the two of them were joined at the hip.

Wasn’t this the same man that just a few short months ago… Clinton spent millions of advertising dollars bashing when SHE was hoping to be the party’s nominee? Are we supposed to forget all that and hang on to her every word? How naive do politicians think the American public is?

I’m not being hard just on Clinton…It’s most of the politicians running for office in our country….Why can’t they just toot their own horns and stop bashing their opponents? You lose credibility when you dig up dirt on your opponent and throw it in our faces. Just tell us the positive changes you will make if we elect you into office. And don’t make promises you have no intention of following through with…We are not expecting miracles …just some hope that the future will be better if we elect you into office.

And for the losers….It’s one thing to be amicable but please don’t stand up there and pretend that your former opponent is your new best friend. The American public…your voters…are not buying it!

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