With all the publicity surrounding President Obama’s proposed health care plan, let me share a positive story about my experience with a private insurance company.

My husband and I pay monthly for private insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Like all private insurance it is very expensive. In the years that we have been with this company, we have been extremely pleased with the customer service. Whenever there is an issue that needs to be addressed, we call and speak with a real live representative. We are not forced to answer dozens of questions from a computer generated voice (just a few to put us in the right direction), nor is our call redirected overseas to an operator with a fake name and a scripted set of answers. Our issues are always addressed in a timely manner.

The other day, I called to ask if my policy would cover me at an eye institute in another state. I have been dealing with severe eye issues for two years because of an attack in a rest stop. I refuse to accept that my eyesight will never improve and desperately need another opinion.

Anne, the representative I spoke with was very sympathetic to my situation. Though she could have referred me to their internet site and quickly gotten off the phone with me, she insisted on helping me get the answers to my questions. When she realized that her computer was not able to pull up the required information, she promised to get me the answers I needed and return my call by the next morning.

My phone rang at 8:30 A.M. the next morning. It was Anne with a big YES!! I will be covered at the eye institute with the same coverage I have instate. Anne was thrilled that she could be the bearer of such good news!

I can’t begin to share what that call meant to me. Just knowing that an employee of one of the largest health care companies in the country cared enough to go the extra yard and help a complete stranger renewed my faith in mankind.

My concern with Obama’s proposed health plan is that I do not want to trade the quality of service I receive just to save a few dollars. I don’t want to become just a number on a long list of Americans who need immediate medical care. I need more details and I feel like I am not getting them.

I hope that these important concerns will be addressed before a decision is made about the future of health care in this country.

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