Every subject known to man can be researched on the internet. More than once, it has sent me into overload mode and I have to back off from my computer, run outside and take a deep breath.

I grew up in the 60’s when researching a subject included a trip to the library to pour through outdated encyclopedias, chat with friends and catch the attention of a cute guy or two. ( I was single folks!!) I remember the librarian constantly putting her fingers to her lips to remind us to lower our voices. Every trip to the local library was an experience!

Now, as I write my columns in my modern office, the only sounds I hear are the clicking of my keyboard and occasionally a car or truck that passes by. Sometimes, it’s hard to be inspired by pages of facts.

Since I write human interest stories, interaction with human beings is absolutely necessary… so out I go into the real world to mingle, listen and learn. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than pulling up a chair in a popular hangout, sipping a freezing cold, very delicious drink and observing the action around me.

The secret to being a successful writer is being a good listener. There are stories everywhere, sometimes in places and from people you least expect.

The internet is an amazing tool for a writer but real life continues to fascinate me more.

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