Karl Lagerfeld — the Chanel designer who infamously said “no one wants to see round women” — is now photographing, well, “round women” for the upcoming ‘Size’ issue of V magazine. excerpt from www.stylist.com

I’m so glad the old grumpy guy came around but it wasn’t until after he did a lot of bashing of models (and other women) who weren’t pencil thin. Personally, he was on my poop list, a list I reserve for the most obnoxious people!

My biggest concern is the message we send out to young girls who aspire to be as beautiful as the women who grace the covers of popular magazines.

I will follow this latest development and see where it leads. I might just apply for a job as a round woman runway model. Of course, I’ll have to fight the discrimination against women who are on the other side (way other side) of 40! No problem…I have plenty of “sisters” www.vibrantnation.com and I have a feeling that they’ll be cheering me on!

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