I had a meeting the other day with a woman who showed up with a wireless phone piece clipped to her ear. The phone rang at least 3 times while we were talking. It was distracting and annoying….and most importantly, made me feel that my business was not important enough for her to turn her phone off or at least put it on vibrate for 30 minutes.

Salespeople no matter what they are selling …a product and/or their services need to practice certain rules of etiquette. First rule….Make your customer your priority. Eliminate distractions. Second rule…Be a good listener.Concentrate on what the customer is saying.Third rule…Be reliable.Follow through with what you promise a customer.

Anyone can sell…But it is the salesperson who can sell a product and/or service AND make their customer feel like their business means the world to them who will stay at the front of the line!

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