During these hard economic times businesses are having to cut back on company parties in an effort to cut costs. The big bashes are being replaced by potluck dinners or holiday lunch at the all you can eat buffet.

It may seem like I’m harping on this subject but I feel it’s important enough to repeat.Don’t throw in the towel and pretend like the holiday season doesn’t exist because money is tight. Be a Giver…Make it a priority to say thank-you to folks who deserve it.

I will never forget the very first holiday party my husband and I gave for our janitorial business. We rented a room in a local motel, bought 2 cold cut platters and a huge cake from the grocery store down the road and waited with our 4 children for our guests to arrive.

Looking back, my husband and I agree that though it was a very simple little party… it was the best company party we ever had. By the end of the night several of us had formed a singing group called the mop and glow girls…and we were belting out the songs and planning our next performance. Everyone left smiling.

Moral of the story…No matter what your budget…Find a way during the holiday season to say thank-you to the hard working people who help make your business a success. They deserve to be acknowledged!

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