This year has flown by! Seems like yesterday we were making the Big Move (downsizing) to the other side of town. So much has happened (or not happened ) since then. The old homestead has not sold yet (?????) and is being inhabited by our favorite youngest child/entrepreneur and his best friend/cat Bak Bak. She’s quickly gotten comfortable in her new surroundings.

Favorite youngest daughter/songwriter came back from the West Coast and is living in our upstairs/office while she figures out where the next chapter of her life will take place (Atlanta is now in the running because of their thriving music industry). Since she’s been home she’s collaborated with her good friend/songwriter B. Wise and put out two AMAZING new songs!

Life has been hectic but interesting. There’s always something going on that makes for good conversation. The truth is…Parenting doesn’t end when those kids make their first journey into the world. In between adventures, they come back seeking a good listening ear (very important), nourishing meals and advice doled out ONLY when asked for!
Other news…I’m one year older, my hair is 8 inches longer and I’m still married to the same guy.

He’s decided to stick around to see what 2010 has to offer!

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