What happens when the job you were hired to do and the salary and/or bonuses you were promised get compromised by an employer who suffers from a sudden case of brain fog?

My advice…Nip it in the bud as quickly as possible or the situation will only get worse. Let’s say an employer hires you on with the intention of hiring several more people to share the workload but after training you tells you that since you are doing such a fantastic job, he’ll save money by letting you do it all yourself.

This is a true story (I don’t make this stuff up)…A highly qualified employee impressed her boss with her dynamic personality and ability to sell the Brooklyn Bridge so he decided to let her do the work of 3 people and pay her for the work of one.

My suggestion if you find yourself in this situation…Request a meeting and start by making the following comment to your employer…” Based on your positive feedback, I know that you are pleased with my performance.” The reason for starting out this way is to… Set a positive mood for what is to follow. Most likely your employer will agree with you . This also gives you some sense of control as you discuss the reason for the meeting.

Do not put your employer on the defensive by insinuating that he is taking advantage of you.No whining…no complaining. Just state what you would like to receive for the job you are doing. For example…” Based on my current workload, I would like a $2 an hour raise.”

If you don’t beat around the bush, and you present yourself as a confident employee…you have opened the lines of communication .There’s a very good chance you will walk away with the raise you requested or a compromise that satisfies both you and your employer.

You won’t know until you try!

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