If you expect good customer service, you can set the mood for a positive experience. Imagine the following scenarios:

You walk into a store to make a purchase and the salesman sees you as he’s finishing up with another customer. He walks over to you with an exhausted expression on his face. Before you jump to conclusions that he is an unfriendly guy, put yourself in his shoes. What if he’s been on the floor for hours and desperately needs a break?

You have the ability to turn this shopping experience into a positive one. Start out by smiling at the salesman and asking him how his day is going? Showing an interest in him will most likely put a smile on his face because the question is so unexpected! Developing good rapport will definitely set the mood for a nice shopping experience.

You’re in a restaurant (not one of your regular hang-outs) and you ask the hostess who the best food server is. Trying to be fair, she says they’re all great and she walks you to a table. Your food server comes over and you say, “You just received the nicest compliment from the hostess. She said the service here is great.” The food server smiles at the compliment and she spends the entire meal proving the hostess is right!

It’s so easy to set the mood for good customer service. And the end result is…You reap the benefits!

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