I recently read a blog about Mother-in-laws written by a young writer. In the blog, she encourages women to stand up to their husband’s Mother and basically put the woman in her place.

I found the blog interesting because I had just finished reading an article about how my generation raised our children to think very highly of themselves. We bent over backwards to fill them with self esteem. The author of the article thinks we overdid it.

Back to the Mother in law blog. Honestly, it irritated me because on my Facebook page I can list several dozen friends who I think are the most amazing Mother in laws and Grandmothers.

I know of at least 10 women who fly great distances regularly to visit their child, the child’s spouse and grandchildren. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for them. In simple language…They adore them.

I know of four women who sold their homes and moved to be closer to their offspring and their family.

My newsfeed is filled daily with beautiful photos and positive stories about Mother in laws who think the world of their daughter in laws and son in laws.

I have a neighbor who happily looked forward to retirement. Instead her daughter in law decided she should babysit the granddaughter on a daily basis. After 35 years working in daycare she really looked forward to adult stimulation. Will she say anything? No…She doesn’t want to upset her daughter in law.

So I think the young writer has this backwards. We, the Mother in laws, are not the problem. If anything, we keep our mouths shut regardless of what we might be thinking because we want good relationships with our children’s spouses.

I remember taking a walk with my first born son before he married his college sweetheart. I told him, ” I know you and I are very close but this woman you are marrying will now become the most important person in your life. Always make her #1. ”

So to all the Mother in laws out there. I think you’re quite terrific. I hope you’re receiving lots of hugs from your children and their spouses for the time and energy you give them.

And keep posting those happy photos.

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