I’m writing a new song. Having my songwriter daughter staying with me these past few months has inspired me to start belting out more of the tunes that dance inside my head.

I’m sitting in the driveway watching the world go by (pause) go by! When a man comes a walkin’…looks up at me and says, “Why (pause) oh why… does the world have to be such an angry place…then I look up and see your smiling face…Why do people walk around looking like they’re waiting to die?” http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens2375686module13437118photo_1231842596smb_singing_glowstar.jpg
When I get a song in my head, it’s torture for the family because they know they’re going to be hearing it 24/7 as I add verses and rehearse in my acoustically outstanding (high ceilings) townhouse. (Unlike my daughter, who creates her masterpieces during her 2 hour showers.)

All kidding aside, I’m having fun with my songwriting but it doesn’t hold a torch to the music my youngest daughter creates. The other day, she and her fellow songwriter friend Brandon created another masterpiece that will soon be revealed to the world. This one reduced me to tears (joyful ones). It was soul stirring!

I believe my greatest accomplishment was producing children who continually amaze me with their musical (and other) talents. I’m sure that one day they will look back and realize how lucky they were to be raised by a slightly eccentric Mother, who danced her way through the housework to the music of the Pointer Sisters!


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