Today, I heard about a business that had a fantastic 1st quarter of the year. The staff is filled with optimism and positive feelings about the future. This is great news and my mission is to spread the word so that the doom and gloom attitude that permeates this country will dissipate.

My daughter Heidi lives by the philosophy that if you put good thoughts out into the universe…good things will happen to you. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we all practiced that philosophy and nothing but positive vibes were bouncing off the walls and everywhere you went people were smiling.

For one day,try a little experiment. Be positive with every human interaction you have…in person, on the telephone and online. If someone throws something negative your way, come back with something positive. Don’t let anyone ruffle your feathers.

You might be exhausted at the end of the day from working so hard to stay positive but it’s like exercising…Tomorrow it will get just a little bit easier and soon it will become a habit.

And who knows…Soon it might be YOU shouting off a rooftop, “Life is terrific!”

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