I try to surround myself by positive people because it makes me feel good about life. The economy is going through some tough times but if we can keep the sun will come out tomorrow attitude going …everyone will benefit.

Truth is…stress can make you really sick. It is responsible for so many of the illnesses Americans are afflicted with. We worry about everything….and we don’t enjoy the moment. My husband is my “rock” when it comes to getting me to STOP stressing..His philosophy is…Some things you can’t change so focus on things where you can make a difference.

It’s like the whole gas crisis…If we all take baby steps to changing the way we live we CAN make a difference. If we look at the huge picture it can be overwhelming. So kick back and make yourself a list of how you can make
things better on the home front…and then give a little hug to that person (or group of people) who make you feel good about life.

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