I have a pet peeve….I expect to be acknowledged when I enter a place of business and if I am not…I leave and take my business elsewhere. There is no excuse for ignoring a customer.

I believe that you have 30 seconds to acknowledge a customer ….I can’t count the times I have walked into a store or a particular department only to watch the sales staff talking among themselves completely ignoring the customers. I have watched salespeople walk by customers as if they were invisible.I have listened to salespeople chat on the telephone with their friends and family completely oblivious to their customers.

If a salesperson is helping another customer,or handling a transaction he/she needs to acknowledge the customer with eye contact and a smile that says, ” I care about you and will be with you as soon as I can.” I think that most customers are quite understanding when they feel that their business matters.

There is no excuse for discrimination against any customer who walks through the door.I have no tolerance for salespeople who size up their customers by age, race or physical appearance. I have witnessed situations where people have been ignored for these reasons.Every person deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

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