I came across this event while strolling through downtown Asheville the other night. What a fantastic idea! We have so many talented artists in Western North Carolina, it makes perfect sense to give them this creative outlet. Ananda Hair Studio regularly features artists and holds art openings — which range from two-dimensional exhibits to fashion and performance.

Graffiti Artists who participated in this event included:
Lucho, Ceasar, Chip 7, Ted Harper, George Herrera, Rob Hunt, Ben Betsalel and Nick.

The show will be up for the next 11 weeks – until Saturday September 19th and is open to the public.  After that, they will repaint the walls for their next hung art exhibit.

** I’m a big fan of Ben Betsalel. I’ve known this young man since he was a young boy and always thought he was very talented!

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