Warning…Some of you technologically savvy folks might have a hard time relating to this column. I have included a few definitions to refresh your memory.

1. TelephoneAn instrument that converts voice and other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to remote locations. The sound of a human voice can evoke instant gratification.

2.  Letter A written or printed communication directed to a person. In order for the person to receive it, a stamp must be attached.

I have written about my love/hate feelings for modern technology. I want to share some more thoughts with you.

I’m tired of emails and text messages. They are very one-sided and that bothers me. I really miss telephone conversations where you can actually hear the person’s words and respond  to them immediately. I don’t type as quickly as the younger generation and it’s easier for me to respond verbally than sit and type out my thoughts. I also worry that we have become a very impersonal society. I’m not sure the younger generation agrees. This is what they know and anything else sounds terribly old fashioned .

A young woman recently shared a story with me about being asked out on a date with a text message. She texted the man back and said, “If you want to ask me out, please pick up the phone and call me.”

I think that is where I draw the line… There are some things you just don’t do in a text and asking someone out on a first date is one of them.

I might ruffle a few feathers with my next comment. I don’t like making phone calls to certain special in my life people (no names mentioned) and getting only their voice mails. They have made it clear (without actually stating it ) that they only plan to communicate via email or texts. When I have lots of news to share or catch up on, I prefer to talk on the telephone. The “my life is so hectic” excuse just doesn’t go over with me. I always managed to return all of my phone calls even in the days when I had a baby on each hip. And if the caller (or you) is long-winded…what’s the big deal? Years from now, you’ll have fond memories of those telephone conversations but you’ll probably forget the emails and texts.(One of my loved ones returns his calls while he is taking his daily walk. I think this is a great idea.)

I also miss receiving letters in the mail. There is no comparison between a letter and an email. I have gone back years later and read some of the beautiful letters I have received. I know some of you will be thinking, “Debi is not thinking about the trees and the earth.”

My reply, “Write to me on recycled paper!”

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