Have you ever watched a commercial, an infomercial, or read a magazine advertisement and questioned the promises being made.

Car dealer on a TV commercial is looking into the camera and yelling,” Come on down in the next hour…yes, the next 60 minutes and we’ll give you the deal of a lifetime! No-on else on this planet will sell you this model car at a better price.”

Debi Drecksler’s response… Stop screaming at me buddy and listen up…I am going to intentionally walk in three days after your headache inducing commercial and prove that you are full of hot air. You’d offer that deal to your worst enemy a month from now because your lot is jam packed with cars and the only thing that’s selling is the candy in your vending machine.

Magazine ad with a before and after picture catches your attention...(I’ve rewritten it with just a touch of sarcasm) Has been celebrity makes a comeback losing 50 pounds on our vacuum sealed pay for our name meals.You’ll be as gorgeous as this middle aged woman (what’s her name again) if you purchase our product.”

Debi Drecksler’s response…I just saw this celebrity on a late night talk show and her legs were twice the size of that digitally enhanced photograph and her face looked shockingly different from that fake airbrushed picture in the magazine.You’d better stick to radio interviews missy until the ink is dry on that last residual check. And yes, I did read the tiny weeny print on the bottom of the ad that protects the company from a lawsuit for false advertising.

When will the advertising industry figure out that the American public is growing smarter by the day. With the internet, consumers have access to all the information they could ever want. All they have to do is go online and type in the name of a company and/or a product and everything they need to know is right there. Type in customer reviews and read away!

So a word of advice if you’re trying to sell something to the American public…Start telling the truth! We’re on to you!

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